Our Vision

We aspire to strengthen the Israeli-American community by establishing an Israeli summer day camp in Hebrew for our children during the summer vacation.  This is our way of connecting the next generation to the Hebrew language, to the Land of Israel, and the Jewish world. Summer camp is a truly magical world, safe and secure, in which every camper has the full freedom and the right to be his or herself, to become emotionally involved, to take part in constructive, foundational activities, and to learn through experience and pure enjoyment.  We believe that this represents the most significant educational framework in creating social connections. Infinite magi-cal, empowering moments which campers will later in their lives pass on with joy and pride to the next generations.

The core principles in building our educational program are the staff of Hebrew-speaking counselors, most of whom come from Israel.  The official language of the camp is Hebrew, and the program focuses on strengthening the connection to Israel and the love of the land.

Our Staff

Our counselors, all speak at least two languages, are Kimama graduates, some of whom are emissaries (“shlichim”) with the Jewish agency, and all of whom offer a wealth of experience in leadership and working with children. Our responsible and experienced team of counselors provides personal attention to every single camper. The team places a major emphasis on personal enrichment of campers, boosting their self-confidence, and providing a safe space where they can feel free to express who they truly are.

Who’s Behind Camp

Kimama 14Y brings Kimama’s experience and professional skill in establishing and operating summer camp programs in Israel and around the world, along with The 14th Street Y’s experience in running high-quality, outdoor educational programs and events for families in Manhattan and Brooklyn. 


A pioneer in the field of international summer camps in Israel, was founded in 2004 by a group of entrepreneurs and educators who understood the vast importance inherent in meaningful international encounters among children and youth from around the world.  Over the years, Kimama became a recognized concept, beloved and highly in demand. Today, about 2,500 campers from all over the world participate in Kimama’s various summer camps around Israel every single year. In addition, Kimama operates winter camps in Europe for children and youth, trips within Israel, educational seminars, and is establishing cooperative relationships with charities and nonprofit organizations.For more information about kimama please click here.

The 14th Street Y

The 14th Street Y is a vibrant community center grounded in the belief that contemporary Jewish sensibilities can be a source of inspiration, connection, and learning for the individuals and families we serve throughout downtown Manhattan. With a focus on health and fitness, education and enrichment programs, and innovative arts and cultural programming, the 14th Street Y has a demonstrated commitment to the development of the whole person and bettering people’s lives and strengthening individual and family connections by building an inclusive and sustainable community. For more information about the 14th street Y please click here.

The Location

The camp is located at The Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds, a distance of about 45 minutes from Manhattan and 30 minutes from Brooklyn. The camp is run in a lovely area of more than 75 acres with spaces for nature, forest and woods, with shaded areas spread out around the land providing excellent sun protection. In various spaces around the area, there are drinking stations, water fountains with cold water, natural wooded groves, and lots of shade offering us safe spaces to create educational outdoor-based activities.

Hosting a “Shaliach” (emissary) for the summer of 2021

This summer, 10 Shlichim, male and female, are coming from Israel, who have been carefully selected by the Jewish Agency, to be the lead counselors for Kimama-14Y.  This is a highly-motivated group of spirited young people, bringing with them to camp an Israeli authenticity, and offering additional meaning and significance to our children’s Israeli summer experience.


These Shlichim, ranging in age from 21 to 23, will spend 9 weeks with us over the summer.  We are looking for families from Brooklyn and Manhattan who’d be interested in volunteering to host one or more of these representatives for two weeks or more.  Camp Kimama-14Y will ensure transportation of representatives to camp and back. Host families are asked to treat representatives as members of the family during their stay, providing them with a bedroom, breakfast and dinner, etc.  In our experience, hosting offers a unique and wonderful experience for the entire host family, both parents and children which they’ll remember for many years.


If you are able to host, please provide your details on the form on this page as soon as possible.

If you can host please fill in the details on this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Camp FAQ

On this page, we’ve gathered questions and answers that came up over the course of information sessions held in advance of Camp Kimama Bereisheet. We’d be pleased to answer any additional questions sent to usa@campkimama.org

All participants at Camp Kimama 14Y must understand the Hebrew language, since activities at camp take place solely in Hebrew.  Campers who haven’t mastered the language could find themselves daily in situations in which they don’t understand what’s going on at camp.  This is an unpleasant feeling, both for the camper and for the group, and we hope to avoid this. The team of counselors follows all camp policies and procedures, and this is done in Hebrew only.

There are three unheated, chlorinated pools on site, ranging from 2-9 feet deep.  There are change rooms on site (including restrooms and showers). Each camper will receive a towel and swim cap from us for swimming in the pool- there’s no need to bring one from home!

Most of our camp activities take place on open fields and in nature among the trees, gazebos, and under canopies. Staten Island is typically cooler than the rest of the city due to its lack of infrastructure. There are also two air-conditioned medical centers, and all of our buses are air-conditioned as well.

For the benefit of Kimama 14Y campers, we set up portable restrooms next to our activities area all summer long. In addition, there are sheltered restroom facilities located next to various program areas.

The camp has a single entrance, which means we have full control over vehicle and pedestrian traffic into and out of camp.  During activity periods, entrance will not be allowed without advance coordination with the camp director.

The camp grounds are 75 acres and are divided into different regions and separate areas, distributed around the total area.  In parallel to Kimama 14Y, there are three additional camps located on the grounds, who serve local Jewish Community Centers. 

There are plenty of sheltered areas at camp that provide the perfect space for rainy day activities: movies, shows, dancing, social games, and more. Additionally, we’ll participate in indoor activities outside of the camp grounds, such as: movie, bowling, museum, go-karts, and more.

All camp activities are located about 5-10 minutes’ walking distance from the covered area of Kimama 14Y.

A number of treatment activities are carried out in the Kimama 14Y camper activity areas.  Nevertheless, we request that parents apply mosquito-repellant bug spray or cream.

Terms and conditions

The individual registering to Camp Kimama-Bereisheet (hereinafter: “the Camp”) shall only be between the ages of 5-16, understand Hebrew, and shall accept the “Rules of Conduct in the Camp” as specified in the Section 2 (hereinafter: “the Camper”). The camper shall reach the camp with a clean bill of health.

Registration is contingent upon filling out all of the forms and in arranging payment.

The campers and their parents accept the “Rules of Conduct in the Camp” as well as the terms of registration and the terms for its cancellation along with the visitation procedure during the term of the camp as follows:
A. Any injury or abuse, physical, mental, sexual, social or otherwise, inflicted upon the campers and / or the camp staff and / or the animals found in the vicinity of the camp, is strictly prohibited.
B. Any destruction or damage to nature, the environment, premises or equipment belonging to the camp or its campers is strictly prohibited. It is hereby explicitly clarified that should a camper maliciously destroy or damage property, either and / or both of his parents shall be responsible for compensating and / or indemnifying the camp for the damage caused that was not the result of normal and reasonable usage of the property by the camper.
C. The camper shall obey the instructions of the camp staff at all times and his behavior shall not require supervision and oversight that are beyond a reasonable level that is made possible by a reasonable staff.
D. The camper and his parents undertake to cooperate with the camp management in any personal, health, behavioral and / or other situation that could be relevant and / or influence the behavior of the camper during his stay in the camp.
E. Use of the various types of alcohol, beer, cigarettes, drugs, a hookah and / or any illegal activity during the camper’s stay in the camp are strictly prohibited.
F. The use of cellular telephones during the stay in the camp, including communication between the campers and their parents, shall be conducted in accordance with the procedures and during acceptable hours in the camp.
G. The parents and families of the campers shall be permitted to enter the camp site during the times designated for it in advance and / or in special cases with the approval of the camp staff. Entry into the camp site at another date shall be done shall be subject to approval from the camp management.

The payment for participation in the camp shall be made in full upon registration.

Payment can be made via a credit card / via E-Checks / via a wire transfer.

In the event that the mandatory payments to the camp are not made, the parents shall be charged the cost of their collection, including legal expenses and attorneys’ fees.

The camp management reserves the right to expel, without a monetary refund, a camper who violated the “Rules of Conduct in the Camp”, as well as a camper who shall not behave in accordance with the behavioral norms and the spirit of patience and cooperation in the camp.

The camp staff shall notify the parents of a camper who was expelled from the camp and they undertake to arrive at the camp and pick-up the camper when requested to do so. Should the parents or anyone acting on their behalf be unable to pick-up the camper, the camp management shall arrange the transportation of the camper to his home (or any other address as requested by the parents of the camper) and the parents of the camper shall bear any financial costs entailed thereof.

The parents of the camper hereby grant their consent that professional medical attention be given to the camper outside of the camp site, if it is deemed necessary by the camp management in order to ensure the safety of the camper. Urgent orthodontic treatments, dental treatments and eye treatments shall be funded by the camper’s parents.
Any camper who has a disability and / or impairment and / or any medical condition must declare it and present a medical approval from a relevant physician certifying that he may participate in the activities of the camp.
Failure to present the full medical condition of the camper shall lead to an overall exclusion of liability regarding incidents that might, heaven forbid, occur as a result of and / or in connection with that same medical condition and / or medical information that was not declared and / or for which the aforesaid physician’s approval was not provided.

The parents of the camper undertake to notify the camp management, prior to registration, regarding any psychotherapy and / or psychiatric treatment and / or drug treatment the camper underwent due to behavioral changes in the 12 month prior to his registration in the camp. In addition, the parents undertake to immediately notify the camp management of any such treatment in the event that it began after registration and prior to the beginning of the activity session. A failure on the part of the camper’s parents to notify the camp management, as to the condition of their child as specified above, may be grounds for expulsion of the camper from the camp. A camper, who shall be expelled from the camp as stated, shall not receive a refund.
The parents of the camper shall fill out all of the forms and the health declaration on the website and sign electronically. Receipt of the aforementioned information is essential for maintaining the camper’s good health and for providing appropriate medical care, if necessary. The parents of the camper shall make sure that the medications the camper takes are sent to the camp management which will ensure that the camper make use of them in accordance with the instructions given to the camp management. Any medication used by the camper shall be specifically listed in the medical form filled out for the camper.
If necessary the camper will be sent to a hospital or external clinic for medical treatment.
For the avoidance of doubt, all the medical expenses will be paid by the camper’s parents and therefore it is the parent’s responsibility to obtain a form 17 from the medical fund to which the camper belongs, for the purposes of payment.

It is hereby clarified that a camper who arrives at the camp after the date of commencement of the session to which he registered and / or a camper who leaves before the end of the session and / or a camper who is absent for any reason whatsoever, including any health reason, during the session shall not be entitled to a refund in respect of the late arrival / early departure and / or absence as stated.

During the months of July and August the camp office staff shall only handle cases and inquiries pertaining to campers residing in the camp. The remaining cases shall be handled during the month of September vis-à-vis the office management in New York.

The camper and his parents approve in advance of the camp management making use of any picture, photograph, recording and the like of their children for the purpose of marketing and advertising the camp. In addition, the parents approve receipt of marketing and other types of , information from the camp management via email, regular mail, and text messages.

The camp management shall not be liable for the loss of, harm or damage to the campers’ equipment. Please do not bring valuable equipment to the camp.

*It is hereby clarified that the registration procedures are periodically updated in the Kimama website, and that beyond the procedures that are in effect at the time of registration, Kimama and the registrants shall be bound by the procedures that are in effect on June 1st, of each year.

For additional information please fill out the form and one of our representatives will get back at you shortly